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Dr Suz

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March 16th, 2010

The Griffin's son, daughter in law and the 2 grandchildren aged 3 and 8 months arrived last Saturday from New Zealand for a week's visit. The poor parents had been up since 3 am NZ time because they had a 4 hour drive to Auckland airport. By the time they arrived at our place, about 2pm Aussie time, they were totally exhausted and collapsed in a big heap. The kids had slept most of the plane trip and in the hire car, so they were bouncing full of energy while Mum and Dad sat in a stupor of fatigue.

They are lovely people though, and the kids are adorable, especially the baby who crawls around happily and grins a gummy grin 24 hours a day. GG and I have spent a lot of time with Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, plus a dozen little racing cars that GG bought the boys. And I've shown Mr Three how to water the garden (always fun for small people) while the parents fell into half hour naps. We've been on train rides into the city (very exciting, with a running commentary from Mr Three); they went up to Bendigo yesterday, and today they are girding their loins to get over to Ikea (other side of the city).

Sadly Bella the cat has spent the entire time of their visit under our bed, only crawling out when the kids are asleep, to go and eat something. She is scared of loud noises, so of course Mr Three makes lots of loud noises. Just to remind GG and I who is really boss, she is frisky all night and bounces up and down on our bed because she is so bored. Humph...

Anyway, GG is very happy to see the grandkids and his son - he can't afford to get back to NZ at present, so it is a blessing that they were able to come over.

February 1st, 2010


Bummer. Yesterday GG and I went out to the animal shelter to pick up our 2 kits, and found that SOME IDIOT had already given them both away! Even though the shelter staff member had rung me up on Thursday to confirm we were coming out to collect. We were a bit cheesed off, to put it mildly.

However, there was another mum there with 3 bouncy kittens, and of a similar colouring (but not so pretty). As the kittens are given away more easily, we decided to rescue the mother. This time I paid half the vet bill in advance to make sure they would keep her for the next 2 weeks while she is getting all the microchipping and vetting done.

Honestly....GG was so disappointed. However this kitty is friendly, and I privately would love to rescue all of them and take them home. I just hope they find homes for them all.

So maybe in 2 weeks I'll be able to present pics of the moggie :)

January 30th, 2010

Adding to our family

Just to make things more hectic financially (after the Griffin crunched the passenger side of my car this week - it will cost at least a thousand by the time I pay for the repairs and the insurance excess on the damage to the other car....of course GG has no money but anyway anyway anyway that's another story...)

ANYHOW....we went out to the local council animal pound and animal shelter 2 weeks ago, looking for 1 or 2 abandoned cats to adopt. We saw a mum and her kitten that seemed friendly and badly in need of rescuing, so yesterday I got the call about the adoption for both. Yes, we can adopt them!!!! It will cost $400 all up (microchipping, neutering, injections etc) but it will be really nice to have pets again. We decided against a dog because much as we love them, they need to be around humans most of the time, and both GG and I work long hours, so it would be cruel to leave a dog alone in a yard for many long hours each day. They get so bored and lonely. I figured that with 2 cats, they will keep each other company and they are better at living inside minus their "staff" (owners) during the working day.

The mum is a white background-with-flecks-of-all-colours, short haired puss, while the kit is a blue-grey. Am hoping they are not too traumatised by everything but we can bring them back home tomorrow! YAY!

January 23rd, 2010

daily trivia

This weekend's good stuff: It was the Griffin's b'day yesterday, and since we were at work all day and didn't get home till 6.30, and we were totally knackered, I decided to take him out to lunch today to celebrate. So, we are going to a restaurant at a local winery, just down the road, where I hope the food will meet with his approval. The Griff actually doesn't give 2 hoots about birthdays but since he works so hard for so little pay, I feel awful if I don't celebrate in some way. For his b'day gift he asked me for $25 to buy a sheet of hard wood to make a bench top in the garage. What can I say to that except, "of course dear!".

Bad stuff: because I am still working 2 jobs and only getting paid for 1, and I have a huge amount of work to do, I'll have to work through the weekend......I am very pissed .........and we have Australia day as a public holiday Tuesday next week, so I am hoping I don't have to do university work then.....I want to do the Aussie thing of sleeping in, going tothe beach and having a BBQ for dinner :)

January 13th, 2010

It's been too long....

it's been way too long sine I posted anything here. Put it down to too much work, and other distracting hassles. A New Year resolution is to try and stay in touch more...and to write more. The ficcage output has been non-existent recently but I will try to resurrect the muse from wherever she is cowering :)

June 2nd, 2009


I can't access Facebook! I don't know if my work has suddenly barred staff from using it (probably!!!!) but will have to catch up once I get home tonight.


Maybe it is just a temporary server issue......*grumbles*

BUT, the new New Moon trailer! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 22nd, 2009

Wild weather

The weather up in QLD and northern NSW is scaring me! My kids called from Brisbane to tell me that while they are safe living near the top of a hill, cars further down the hill towards the river were washed away during the deluge of the last few days. Friends on the Gold Coast reported roofs, BBQs and windows blowing all over the place, not to mention flooding. My mum and uncle live near Byron Bay - Mum rang to say her verandah roof was being repaired DURING the rain (now that's nice timing), and her outdoor furniture had blown away. She was worried about the local lake (a block away) flooding. .have not heard from my uncle who lives at an air field near Byron - the road in floods so I guess he is out of action.....the town where I grew up, Lismore, is preparing for huge floods as well.

I guess the water restrictions can finally be lifted! If only some of that rain could head south and break our drought down in Victoria!

May 19th, 2009

Stupid work....

My Monday was ruined by a frigging film crew who usurped my booked sports hall to film an add for High School Musical 3 or something similar. We had to wait half an hour for them to leave then the crew and extras kept wandering through my students doing all their fitness testing (like the Shuttle Run) and an extra snarled at me when I couldn't tell her where the extra's room was...as if I knew, and couldn't she see I actually had a class of 30 students thundering up and down????

Half-wits....and even the presence of famous actors like Rob Sietch and Andy somebody from Hamish & Andy radio and Rove Live was not enough to make me happy. I yelled at them all to leave and they ignored me......dickheads.....

Today was marginally better but only because half the students didn't show up to class.....

Roll on, weekend, is all I can say

April 22nd, 2009

Twilight DVD

So FINALLY the TWilight DVD is released here today, like about a month after the rest of the civilised word.

I can hardly wait to get my hot, clammy paws on it at last. The movie only finished at the cinemas 3 weeks ago (which means it has been playing since November, something that only the LOTR and HP movies have done previously)...

April 19th, 2009

Movie at last

Am off with the Griffin to see "The Boat that Rocked" this afternoon. Have been told the music is great and it's pretty funny, so I'm hoping it is worth it :)
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